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Kon 2.10

IBM OS/2, eComStation

Kon 2.10 (WarpIN package)

Kon 2.10 (WarpIN self-installing package)

The unmodified packages downloaded from this location may be freely distributed

Revision history

v 2.10 2007-02-23

 + Find & replace dialogs now behaves in windows standard manner (mostly!)
 + Wrap around from start in search and replace
 + Optionally don't display characters with ascii values < 32 in hex editor
 + Possible to hide the toolbar
 + Check box on which syntax highlighting is currently used
 * Fixed serious bug in print which showed up using new compiler

v 2.09 2006-03-10

 * uin16 showed the wrong value in hex editor
 * Clicking on a byte in the hex-editor didn't update infobar
 * Found word when searching was sometimes off screen

v 2.08 2006-01-23

 * Crash when closing multiple instances of the same file
 * Some bugs fixed

v 2.07 2005-08-30

 + "Trim trailing spaces" function
 + "Clear results" option in search in multiple files
 * Several bugs fixed

v 2.06 2005-08-10

 + Section browser (using regular expressions in kon.syn to define
   sections to look for)
 + Button for fast opening/closing K-command field.
 + Special K-clipboard for storing and executing recorded K-macros
 * Kon message window bug fixed
 * bug fixes, some UI-changes
 * handles leak fixed

v 2.05 2005-01-24

 + Hex search and replace (Was possible previously, but is now easier and
   doesn't require regular expressions.)
 + Line numbers in hex editor can now be displayed in hex.
 + Marking using the mouse now works as it should do: Ctrl+drag switches
   over to column block mode and shift-click extends the currently selected 
 * Some screen update issues resolved (after applying changes from the 
   preferences dialog.)
 * XML-syntax highlighting didn't work. (An error which didn't appearr when
   Kon was linked with debugging info.)

v 2.04 2004-12-28

 + Column fill mode (Characters entered will fill currently selected column
 + Syntax highlighting can be defined using regular expressions
 + Possible to run a program and capture the output to a text buffer. 
   (launchProcess and launchProcessToMessages). Also possible to use a regular
   expression which defines how to interpret messages from the program.
 * Some bugs fixed in regular expressions
 * Some documentation changes

v 2.03 2004-11-16

 + Some new toolbar icons
 + Changes in the documentation
 * Moved the message window to a docked window inside the main editor window
 * Bug in save macro fixed

v 2.02 2004-11-15

 * Bug in popup-menu fixed (occured after cleaning K-scripts)
 + Show soft-line breaks
 + Entire file is word-wrapped when word-wrap is selected, not only the text 
   that is typed. Note that is a K-function and may take some time to execute,
   so the functio is only executed if file size is less than 100 Kb.

v 2.01 2004-11-09

 + Added word wrap support. Handles word wrap with soft and hard linebreaks.
 + Save history in command field
 + Fast switch between edit window and command field (focusCommandBar())
 * Fixed bug in loadModule()
 * \xnn and \nnn in grep didn't work within []
 * Cleaned up the k-code and moved/removed test code
 * Fixed some small bugs

v 2.0 Build 6

 + Added shortcut to homepage in help menu
 * Changed entry fields to comboboxes in multiple files search/replace
   dialog path/files selection.

v 2.0 Build 5

 * Release